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French Locations

French Locations


Buyers: This site lists properties for sale. A site where you may find the house bargain of a lifetime. Your Dream Home may be just a click away.



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Taxes and fees when buying property in France


Transfer duties are taxes that the buyer must pay to the French state. They have been reduced since 1999 in line with the duties charged in the other countries in the European Union, equal to approximately 4.8% of the selling price. N.B. a part of these duties is fixed by the local authorities which can have an impact equal to 0.1% to 0.5% of the selling price..


The public notary's fees. These charges include the notary's remuneration and disbursements; in short, these fees cover a variety of expenses. The notary's remuneration is fixed by law and is proportional to the value of the transaction. The disbursements represent all the legal expenses paid by the notary when drawing up the deed of conveyance, which should be reimbursed (registration dues, mortgage fees, etc.). New accommodation or real estate less than 5 years old also bear VAT of 19.6%.


Taxes. Property tax ("taxe foncière") is paid by the owner of the real estate while local taxes are paid by the occupier (tenant or owner-occupier). They are paid to, and finance the expenses of, the local authorities. They are due annually towards the end of the year in October or November, and may vary considerably in size depending on where the property is geographically located.


VAT charged on renovation work. Lastly, it is well worth knowing that renovation work has enjoyed a special tax status since 2000. VAT is charged at the low rate of 5.5% on the products and invoices of companies specializing in this kind of work instead of the standard rate of 19.6%.




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